What Trapeze Artists and Broadcasters Have in Common

linkup - the leap

Those high flying trapeze artists at the circus never cease to amaze me. Nearly 46 feet in the air, they courageously jump from bar to bar, soaring and somersaulting – trusting their partner will be there to catch them when they launch. IT’S ALL ABOUT TIMING. Scary stuff.

Starting your own business can be a bit frightening, as well. Like the pros on the flying trapeze, you’ve got to let go of the bar and trust that your timing to launch is just right.

And in the fall of 2016, we believed there could not a better time to launch LinkUp Communications Corp. The AMC 8 to 18 transition was beginning, which meant thousands of downlinks throughout the United States would need to be repointed. Broadcast companies owning these antennas would be in need of a company like ours –  one technologically strong and willing take on the challenge of moving old, rusty dishes; dishes that other companies could not – or would not – attempt to move.

Plus, we were asked to tackle C-band downlink installations for two major players in the Christian broadcast world – an invitation that we could not refuse. So we took that leap of faith and here we are!

Our timing has gone from good to great, because over the last few months we’ve gained a partner on the high platform – Ka You Communications, an industry leader in satellite integration for over 17 years. By merging with LinkUp,  Ka You’s customers’ have benefitted by receiving around-the-clock troubleshooting assistance, plus the best technology know-how in the business.

In less than 15 months, LinkUp Communications has become a major player in the broadcast communications industry. Audio, video via IP, terrestrial – we do it all. But we’re best known for our design, integration and installation of satellite uplink and downlink networks. We work closely with all the major manufacturers – bringing only the most innovative satellite equipment to your site for installation.

Over the last few months, we been preparing for the convention season, which began late last month with the NRB Proclaim 2018 Conference in Nashville. This month finds us at the Sat Show in Washington, DC and the NAB Show, Las Vegas in April.

We are also making every effort to spend time with each former Ka You customer who has made the transition to LinkUp – either at one of the conferences mentioned above or at their home office. Our goal? To sit down with each and every one of our clients to thank them for continuing to trust us with their business.

Reveling in freedom of flight, we’ve launched – and we haven’t regretted a single moment. We look forward to pursuing innovative avenues for business development and new ways to serve our customers.