The weird email that has everyone freaking out

A few weeks ago network engineers and managers across the country began receiving emails that looked suspiciously like spam, yet claimed to be from the FCC’s Relocation Payment Clearinghouse.

In fact, if you’ve received one you’ve likely received multiples of this automated email, as we’re getting reports of techs and engineers seeing these in both their personal and business accounts.

The emails look something like this:


“TheRelocationPaymentClearinghouse LLC(“RPC”),which administersthe 

cost-relatedaspects ofthe C-band(3.7-4.2GHz)(“C-band”)transition 

mandatedby theFederal CommunicationsCommission (“FCC”),iswriting 

toyouto confirmor obtainthe emailaddress ofthe primarypoint ofcontact 

responsiblefor submittingclaims onbehalf ofthe followingentityor 

entitiesthat submitteda lumpsum election:”


With the email’s horrendous spacing issues, who wouldn’t jump to the “spam” conclusion?

But it’s not – spam, that is. The Relocation Payment Clearinghouse really IS the source of these automated emails.

Evidently the Clearinghouse is seeking updated contact information for those of you who chose the FCC’s lump sum option. Meaning? You chose the option of gaining a portion of the profits from the C-band spectrum auction held back in January, to the tune of $8948 per antenna.

The email requests confirmation of the current, correct email address of the person submitting claims on behalf of your company. If that’s you, then you’ll want to answer the email (or forward to the appropriate person) so as not to miss any instructions or updates regarding your lump sum payment.

Got it?