The number one thing you may not know you’re looking for (but we do!)

We received a welcome note last week from one of our long-time space segment customers. The email read, in part:

“We have finally made our decision. Please let me know when the order has been placed. Thanks for arranging the video conferences with both companies so we could make an informed decision.”

That’s great to hear, right?! Our customer is moving forward in his decision to invest in a new satellite delivery platform!

But that’s not the only reason we’re excited.

Our client is clearly happy. He had been presented with options, and that made him feel confident in his decision. So he thanked us for our assistance in helping their group make “an informed decision.”

It’s always good to hear from our valued customers, but that thank you makes us especially proud.

Why? Because we are firm believers that — to make the best decision for their ministry or company — our customers not only want options, they need options.

So, to present the absolute best options, we’ve developed working relationships with all the major equipment manufacturers. That way, we can bring our clients multiple content delivery solutions from the biggest names in broadcasting equipment.

Not that it’s always easy.

From time to time we’ve gotten a little flack regarding our approach. Sometimes it’s certainly easier to have exclusive relationships with vendors.

But every radio station and network, every company, is unique. Though their equipment needs may look similar, there are variables with each project that need to be considered.

Let’s face it; when you’re attempting to research content delivery solutions, there are so many potential solutions to consider. It’s easy to get overwhelmed. They all seem “right”, but are they all right for you? Your TV station? Your radio network? University? Your house of worship?

We weed through your must-have list, look at various solutions that we feel best fit your needs and budget, then present these options to you. We even arrange video presentations and demos from prospective manufacturers.

Though we may have whittled down the list of potential products, you make the final decision.

However, your contribution to your project doesn’t stop there. Team LinkUp is not only the source for the products for content delivery, but the solutions for content delivery. Whether your solution includes satellite, live internet streaming, or a combination of both, our team of engineers and techs bring decades of telecommunications experience and support into the equation.

To put it simply, we give you options. What could be better than that?

Our tagline says it all:

Your content, our solutions. Rest easy.