Putting the Brakes On the FCC Licensing Process


NewsletterAugust2016TrafficLightLink Up Communications knows just how frustrating filing an uplink license application with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) can be. That’s why we offer to complete the uplink license application filing for our customers.

The FCC filing process is mandatory for both audio and video satellite transmission and must be completed correctly for your project to move forward. And if you aren’t familiar with the appropriate forms and calculations you may find your application rejected, leaving you and your company with no choice but to start the process again. A delay like this could significantly lengthen your timeline – and take a chunk out of your project’s budget.

Forewarned is forearmed. So whether we are completing the filing process for you or not, here are a few basic facts about the FCC licensing and renewal process that everyone should know:

  • If completed correctly, the KU-Band license application takes 45-60 days from filing to assigning. It does not require extensive frequency coordination and searches, though it does require the correct form, accurate calculations, and a precise geo-coordinate location.
  • The C-Band license is a more lengthy process. Expect to complete three months of detailed interference analysis and frequency coordination before you file the license. Then, the FCC typically takes another three months for processing for a total of six months from beginning to end.
  • Experience is critical. Here’s where having someone who is familiar with the FCC process complete the application for you is essential. The math is “unique”, and not for the faint of heart. The license requires calculating things like antenna gain and RF emissions. It’s critical that these calculations are correct.
  • Then there’s the renewal. Don’t stick the FCC uplink license in a drawer and forget about it. The FCC won’t. And the FCC doesn’t send out reminders; remembering when the renewal is due is all on you.

At Link Up Communications, you can trust us with the FCC uplink filing process as well as the ever-important renewal. We’ll gladly take the guesswork out of the task so you can concentrate on more important things – like running your network.