Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson

Founder / President

Mark Johnson is Founder / President of LinkUp Communications. As a well-known leader in the broadcast transmission industry for nearly four decades, Mark has been the “go to” guy for other audio and video content providers, including NPR Satellite Services and Ka You Communications.

While attending Florida State University in the early 80’s, Mark worked as both the assistant to the chief engineer of WTNT AM/FM in Tallahassee, and as the broadcast producer for the Seminole Sports Network. Later, he would accept positions as chief engineer for two Florida-based radio networks before migrating to the world of satellite services for broadcasters.

As founder of LinkUp Communications, Mark is tasked with developing and implementing strategies for the company’s success. He excels at assisting customers with both the design and implementation of satellite systems for IP, Video and Audio transmissions. From baseband to RF, the design and integration of each LinkUp project is personally reviewed and approved by Mark. He also sets the overall direction of the company in several aspects, including sales, financial, and operational areas.

Over the last 35 years, Mark has continued his technical training, completing Harris Transmitter School (FM and FM25K), SBE Senior Radio Engineer (CSRE) and Global VSAT Advanced Certified.

Mark is married to his partner in life and in business, Karen. They live and work in the Panama City area with their sock-eating, bumper-retrieving, over-achieving black labs, Bravo and Beauregard.

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