Doug Watson

Vice President of Field Operations

Doug Watson is Vice President of Field Operations for LinkUp Communications. If you ever need an installation or technical help on site with your satellite systems, you will meet Doug or one of his team.

Doug is involved in the design, engineering and installation of customer systems based on the customer requirements. Doug and his team enjoy a good challenge; whether it’s a tricky install on the roof of a tall building, to unique cable runs using coax or fiber optic cable.

Doug started in radio engineering over 30 years ago in Dallas, TX. He maintained three full power FM radio stations and a Ku band uplink system. After that Doug went to work for NASCAR at The Motor Racing Network and designed and built Axia based Studios as well as a 53’ mobile production truck. NASCAR also had fixed and mobile C-band uplinks that Doug and his engineering team operated and maintained.

Doug works on the idea that you can laugh and have a good time while doing a hard days work, or you can be miserable while doing a hard days work. Either way the work gets done, but the work somehow feels lighter if you are laughing and enjoying the day.

Doug and his wife, Karen, live and work in the Charlotte, NC metro area.

You can reach out to Doug Watson via email address at:


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