Check out this quick video.

This is what 5G interference looks like…it’s that hot mess on the right of the screenshot. One of our techs took this video from his spectrum analyzer on a recent call to a television network in one of the top 46 markets in the Southeast.

As you can see, 5G is not a good neighbor. It’s extremely disruptive.

We’re not showing you this to alarm you unnecessarily, but more to educate you on what to expect when and if 5G comes to your neighborhood.


Overall, we have had great success with filters we have installed for our clients. Initially, some of the filters did not perform as expected, but the issue has since been rectified.

Like a fence, blue filters make good neighbors. Once all C-band traffic is above 4.0 GHz we should be able to cohabitate with both 5G and C-band in the Mid-band spectrum.


At this point we’ve spent over a year putting 5G filters on radio and television networks across the country. For all intents and purposes, the protection of registered C-band radio networks in the top 46 markets is complete. Meaning, a blue filter has been put on all registered C-band radio antennas for radio.

Television stations in the top 46 markets have had to take a two-step approach to filtering their antenna. By utilizing a red filter now and a blue filter later, TV broadcasters can transmit between 3.82 and 4.0 GHz until such time as enough satellites are in orbit to move all the traffic above 4.0. Monitoring the transition period to current and new satellites is of the utmost importance.


Protecting your C-band transmission is your objective.

If you have any doubts or concerns about the blue filter / red filter approach, or the entire process of mitigating 5G interference at your site, please reach out to our team at LinkUp Communications. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have, or even handle your C-band filter installation for you.