Surprising Holkirk Traits: 3 Brilliant Reasons Why This Flyaway Uplink Will Grab Your Attention

LinkUp - Surprising Holkirk Traits

Have you noticed? Spring is in the air! Okay, so I may be a bit premature, but hear me out.

Late winter is sliding into early spring. For most people this means trying to grab some time on the ski slopes, hitting the gym to get rid of those pesky holiday pounds, and the return of some highly-anticipated television series.

Folks in the broadcast and technology, however, have a very different outlook. For us, February signals conference season. Time for us to pack up our booth display and brochures, travel from state to state, and promote our company, products and services.

One product we never leave home without is the Holkirk TP100, a true flyaway antenna. Tech-minded folks love to check it out, and makes a BIG impression wherever we go.

The Holkirk TP100 is part of a fleet of ruggedized portable antennas developed by Holkirk Communications. Holkirk provides connectivity solutions to numerous companies and institutions, including some big names like: the BBC, Reuters, U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs and British Army SAS.

The Holkirk line of antennas – especially the TP100 – is brilliant, and not just because of the prestigious list of companies who have invested in these units.

Back to spring conference season. What IS it like traveling and demonstrating a portable flyaway unit that is worth more than your first home? (Full disclosure: it was the Johnsons’ first home waaaay back in 1989, and it did need a lot of work, but still…)

The answer? Remarkably easy. As flyaway units go, the Holkirk is in a class by itself. And here’s why:


1. The Holkirk TP-100 fits perfectly in two flight-approved soft cases, it’s so easy to transport.

I can carry it anywhere – from the back of my hatchback to the baggage section on flights. (With each case weighing less than 50 lbs, there are no additional charges or fees. YAY!).

Plus, each unit contains ruggedized pieces and parts, so they can take a beating (not that we recommend it!)


2. Assembling the Holkirk unit is super fast.

No knowledge of rocket science is necessary. All the pieces and parts fit together in a matter of minutes. The antenna’s panels and connections are visibly marked and snap together without tools. Talk about convenience!


3. The Holkirk delivers what it promises: a live transmission within minutes.

We see so many potential applications for these versatile units.

They tick lots of boxes by remotely broadcasting via satellite all types of content, including: audio, video, streaming or webcasting.


Is the Holkirk the answer for you? Contact us – we would be happy to demo the Holkirk unit for you. See how this amazing unit can keep you connected, no matter what!