It’s like real estate.

When it comes to satellite space, it’s all about location. You need to be located in the very best ‘neighborhood’; the one that gives you superior reach and the most comprehensive coverage.

We get it.

Which is why LinkUp Communications is the premier space segment provider for audio, video and data transmissions. We’ve negotiated space segment on multiple orbital satellites, with access to birds positioned to provide coverage to the continental US (CONUS), and beyond.

competitive pricing

At LinkUp, you’ll find our pricing is competitive, if not superior, to the competition. We’re able to offer customers reliable space segment service at economical prices by maintaining long-term relationships with the major spacecraft companies.

Because our highest priority is meeting your specific requirements, we strive to be flexible - offering multiple satellite options, including:

Group 742

Regional, national
or local

Group 743

Full-time or

Group 744 (1)

C-band or

Group 745 (1)

Audio, video
or data

wide variety of options

  • Group 746


    SES-11 is a popular choice for radio programming for C-band space segment customers.

  • Group 748 (1)

    SES 2, Galaxy 19 and Anik F3

    However, we offer a variety of other C-band options, including SES 2, Galaxy 19, and Anik F3, plus more options based on necessity.

  • Group 747 (1)

    SES-2 and Galaxy 16

    Ku-band radio and video clients have multiple choices as well, including SES-2 and Galaxy 16. Others available upon request.

What Our Customers say


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