So You Chose the C-band Lump Sum Option; Here’s What’s Next

Man Setting Up Satellite Dish

The C-band repack – and subsequent relocation of all C-band users in the Mid-band frequency to 4.0-4.2 GHz – means LinkUp is gearing up to spend A LOT of time on the road.

We’ll be literally working coast to coast, assisting our customers and the satellite owners with the installation of filters, upgrades, repoints – in some cases, the replacement of antennas – at downlink sites across the country.

We will be sending out our seasoned crews of satellite technicians to handle this transition work, and are currently lining up visits to customers’ sites during the year of 2021. Companies like SES, Intelsat, and Telesat trust us to complete the work correctly, and within an acceptable timeline and budget.

Chances are, we’ll be in your neck of the woods. That’s why we’d like to include your site in our 2021 plans.

If the plan is for you to install the filter yourself, we understand. We respect that. The do-it-yourself savings are too good to pass up.

But, are you sure a filter is all that is needed? And, do you feel comfortable that your documentation will be adequate to share with the FCC when ATT or Verizon begin to interfere with your program reception?

Over the past few years we have immersed ourselves in the C-band/5G issue. And, at the end of the day, we’ve gained a deep understanding of the potential complexity of the repack for broadcasters.

We understand the pitfalls that may affect broadcasters attempting to navigate the C-band transition; there are a lot of them. That being said, we’re familiar with each and every one of those potential issues. That’s why you can trust, with LinkUp on the task, your repack efforts will be thorough, comprehensive, and done to exact specifications.

Most importantly, each site will include proper documentation, spectrum images, and “before and after” images of your weatherproof feed assembly.

Once the auctions in the Top 46 markets happen in December, things will start moving fast. For us, the season of non-stop repack assignments will begin. In anticipation, we’re already mapping out our routes and would like to include your registered C-band downlink site(s) in our rounds.

That being said, if you have an unregistered C-band downlink site – or sites, and you are concerned about whether or not your network should invest in interference mitigation, let’s talk. LinkUp always wants to be a sounding board for your concerns, and even give you advice on what we see are the actual expansion plans of 5G.

It all begins with a conversation. Let’s have one. You can contact us directly by phone at (703) 378-5090, or via email at