SES launches fact-finding questionnaire before the much anticipated C-Band Repack


SES continues to do outreach for information to those of you who receive content from one of their birds and have registered C-band downlinks. Currently, if you receive a call or email from Superior Satellite or SES, please respond as quickly and accurately as is feasible.

As SES moves closer to installations of 5G filters and other necessary equipment for those of you who did not choose the FCC’s Lump Sum option, the installers (like us) will be reaching out to you again requesting much more detailed information before they come on-site.

The questions they will be asking helps the satellite company better understand your technical requirements as they prepare to transition your antenna in compliance with the FCC’s mandated repack of the C-band spectrum.

Though a few of these questions may be difficult for you to answer, do complete the questionnaire. SES, and its partners, need to hear from you so they can be as prepared as they possibly can to come on-site and understand exactly what your facility requires, to best serve you during this transition.

Any questions you aren’t sure about should be addressed with your content provider, like Westwood One, Skyview, Premier or AmBos. They may have the technical answers you’re looking for on their website, but if not – give them a call.

SES also has a comprehensive website with answers. It is: And they welcome you to email them at or call them at 609-987-4400.

But whatever you do, don’t ignore these emails. It’s very important for you to actively engage the satellite providers to ensure the C-band transition goes smoothly for you and your station.