Without a doubt, running a broadcast network is a challenge.


Technology seems to move at warp speed, as new solutions to ever-complex problems continue to arise. Existing technology continues to advance, as well; with new version updates yet another item to check on an already tenuous list of demands on your staff.


Yet, there is a silver lining to this cloud. Emerging technology also allows for solutions for formerly complex and time-consuming tasks; solutions that may actually save your network both time and money.


We’ve embraced this new, emerging technology and bundled it into a convenient package that features the monitoring transmitters and tower sites. We call it Sentinel.


The idea for a monitoring service came to us a few months ago, as we learned that many networks we work with were struggling to find the manpower to oversee their transmitter sites. We have a staff of seasoned technicians who audit transmissions for customers who utilize our teleport, so why not offer our help?


Not only does Sentinel provide network monitoring for legacy customers who utilize our uplink services, but also for those who may not operate out of our NOC, but would like to take advantage of some of the unique benefits a managed network offers.


With Sentinel, any network can benefit from a lightened workload and significant cost savings, as we shoulder the responsibility of auditing transmitter and tower sites.


As your partner, we take on some of the anxiety and stress of operating a quality network. Our 24×7 Network Operations infrastructure with experienced broadcasters allows our customers the freedom to continue to monitor the sites required by compliance regulations (like tower sites and transmitters) without taking on the headache of staffing issues.


An added bonus: customers utilizing Sentinel are experiencing significant cost savings over supervising the monitoring themselves – always a win in tough economic times.


You have options. With Sentinel, you no longer have to go it alone. Reach out to us today. Let’s review together how you can shift some of your network responsibilities into our capable hands.