There is an email that began circulating around to heavy XDS platform users last week, and it seems to causing a strong industry reaction.


ATX (manufacturers of the XDS line of satellite receivers) began with a bit of good news: The long awaited arrival of XDS- PRO1S and XDS-PRO4S receivers is expected at ATX’s San Diego office  next month – the week of November 21. After filling backorders, there will be a modest stock of PRO4S’ – 275 – and a little over 500 PRO1S, in which to choose.


The not-so-good news? Once these are sold, the next delivery date for 3000 XDS receivers is July of next year. And that, my broadcast friends, will be the end of the S version of XDS receivers.


As stated in the email, ATX was notified by the supplier last year that the main chip is no longer available, and attempts to find an “alternate source” were unsuccessful. At this point, the manufacturer has not publicly disclosed an interest in redesigning the receivers.


3000 total units will be included in the July 2023 run, which ATX estimates will be enough units to satisfy the American market for up to 18-24 months.


So should you stock up? Well, that depends upon you and your network’s needs. But don’t be shocked if next summer’s run of receivers comes with another price hike.


If y’all remember, there has been not one, but two price increases on the XDS- PRO1S and XDS-PRO4S receivers over the last year. January 1, 2022 was the first, while June was the second. Since last fall, the total amount you now pay for these receivers from this year to last has increased by over 20%.


The “or worse”, part? As I mentioned before, there is no indication of a redesign that will allow these units – which house the ability to utilize “store forward” – to go on.


What’s critical to you and your network is just as important to us. We will continue to advocate for  reliable, cost effective content distribution platforms that work for our customers – no matter what size or format utilized by their network.


Please reach out if you have questions about specific receivers, new content delivery solutions, or if you want to place an order for more XDS units. And as to the future of the XDS line of satellite receivers; when we know more, you’ll know more.