Onramp: Creating community through cloud technology

OnRamp-Creating Community

With an ever-changing health crisis that’s not going away, church leadership is no doubt struggling to figure out ways to reopen and STAY open in a way that makes all members of the congregation feel safe.

Whether the fear is real or perceived, it is there. Many church attendees believe they are at risk if they gather in large groups to attend traditional services.

Yet, this is a time that pastors know their congregation needs them the most. And not just to hear a weekly message; believers need to interact with each other and with the pastor. But do they, SHOULD they, take the risk? Should they even have to make that choice?

So you see the quandary. Church leadership knows the cheese has moved; that church attendance may never go “back to normal”. What’s even more worrisome…if pastors can’t make the experience of attending church feel safe for everyone, they won’t come back anytime soon.

Some may NEVER come back.

What is needed is a way to keep the congregation together — to recreate the community that’s never been more important than it is now.

But what if there was a way that allowed churches to re-open and people to gather, but still allowed a certain measure of distance between members?

What if the gathering of believers and seekers on Sunday mornings not only happened in the brick and mortar buildings, but in neighborhood gatherings of – say, three or four families?

And what if that gathering could be interactive, allowing for a live exchange between the main campus, remote campuses and these neighborhood gatherings?

ONRAMP was built to allow you to do exactly that.

OnRamp Premium Block

Partnering with International Datacasting, we developed a new, state-of-the-art streaming solution built exclusively for Houses of Worship that lets church leaders not just speak TO their congregation, but to interact virtually WITH them.

Built using SRT, or Secure Reliable Transport technology, the ONRAMP hardware comes pre-loaded with exclusive and incredibly easy to use software that delivers seamless, non-jittery, worry-free, high-quality presentations directly to any platform, such as YouTube or Facebook, that your church and congregation use.

Additional levels of service are also available, each of which continues building on the basic service to make it even easier to virtually recreate the community that’s so central to your mission.

For example, ONRAMP Premium offers the same streaming capabilities as the Basic service, but is capable of live-streaming via the MISTiQ though the cloud to several online platforms simultaneously.

Plus, the ONRAMP Premium hardware not only connects to the cloud for streaming, but connects BACK TO YOU for a completely live and interactive experience between members — wherever they may be — and their home church.

ONRAMP Platinum comes complete with the same functionality as ONRAMP Premium, but adds more — an audio mixer, video switches, wireless mics and cameras —everything needed to offer a truly professional streaming experience in broadcast quality.

If you know of a church that could benefit from knowing more about ONRAMP, or if you’re curious yourself about how ONRAMP can keep your church community connected, go to our website at www.linkupcommunications.com.