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After over 20 years in broadcast delivery, we are still surprised at the assumptions some folks make about LinkUp.  Assumptions like? We’re industry newbies…We only offer Ku-band or C-band distribution…We can’t deliver Internet streaming…Or, LinkUp only partners with larger networks…

What we want to be known as? An amazing technology company that attracts unique clients. Companies looking for audio distribution pros who consider their needs — their list of parameters (like cost or ease-of-use) and finds the most ideal solution that fits their specific requirements.

Let’s put all assumptions aside, shall we? Let us share a handful of not-so-common facts about LinkUp that may just help you get to know us better.

Linkup Communications is now the nations largest independent technology provider for content producers.

Can you believe it? When we first hung out our shingle over 20 years ago, we had a handful of networks for which we provided distribution solutions.

Fast forward to today; we have dozens of customers, and monitor nearly 1500 downlinks — and that’s just at our network operations center. Count the support we give our customer owned and operated networks, and that number is close to 3000.

Our focus is not inward; it’s the customer. We arent selling you our leftoverspace capacity; your program delivery is our prime objective.

We offer a wide variety of terrestrial options.

C band or Ku, we’ve negotiated reliable space segment on multiple orbital satellites.

Though we have access to birds positioned to provide coverage to the continental US (CONUS), and beyond, our pricing is competitive, if not superior, to our competition.

Our bench has depth.

Hands down, LinkUp’s staff consists of some of the most experienced audio distribution professionals in the country. We bring decades of telecommunications expertise and support to work for our customers. 

We have a rich history of providing marquis network programming to thousands of stations, working with all types of content producers and bring to the table our unique industry knowledge.

There’s no cookie-cutter approach to content delivery here at LinkUp.

As experts in the field of terrestrial delivery, we know our clients are looking for innovative solutions to their technology challenges. We pride ourselves in offering unique transmission solutions that meet your company’s specific needs, offering streaming distribution via trusted technologies.

We are passionate about the success of our clients, and seek solutions that result in more network flexibility, less downtime, and an overall confidence in your content platform. With 24×7 Network Operations, we’re always working with our partners and their affiliates to ensure seamless program delivery.

We are big fans of giving our customers what they want.

LinkUp features a complete range of specialized solutions for content delivery in the areas youd expect — like receivers, uplink and downlink design and installation, hosted satellite channels, and internet distribution. But you may be surprised to know we offer a broader range of services like event programs, and affiliate and network administration, which includes first-tier tech support and even the 24/7 monitoring of transmitter sites.

We appreciate you taking a quick dive into our story, but it only begins with us. The true heroes in this tale is always the client.

Get to know us and discover trusted advocates, working to ensure your companys delivery of unique audio content is always a success.