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It took several weeks and multiple revisions, but our new website for LinkUp Communications is now up and running.


We worked with a great team of professionals (a big thank you to our website designers and developers at Johnny Flash!) to really flesh out the pain points broadcasters must deal with each day to stay competitive in the industry.


Personally, I think our new website does a terrific job identifying and explaining the services we offer that support our customers in their success. I invite you to take a moment and check it out!


As I reviewed the new website in its final version, several points continued to jump out — certain company traits that we are particularly proud of, as they set us apart from our competition.


For example, did you know?


Linkup Communications is now the nations largest independent technology provider for content producers.

Can you believe it? When we first hung out our shingle over 20 years ago, we had a handful of networks for which we provided distribution solutions.


Fast forward to today; we have dozens of customers, and monitor nearly 1500 downlinks — and that’s just at our network operations center. Count the support we give our customer owned and operated networks, and that number is close to 3000. Unbelievable!


Without a doubt, our focus is not inward; it’s the customer. We aren’t selling you our ‘leftover’ space capacity; your program delivery is our prime objective.


We offer a wide variety of terrestrial options.

C band or Ku, we’ve negotiated reliable space segment on multiple orbital satellites.


Though we have access to birds positioned to provide coverage to the continental US (CONUS), and beyond, our pricing is competitive, if not superior, to our competition.


There’s no cookie-cutter approach to content delivery here at LinkUp.

As experts in the field of terrestrial delivery, we know our clients are looking for innovative solutions to their technology challenges. We pride ourselves in offering unique transmission solutions that meet your company’s specific needs.


Dig deeper, and you’ll find LinkUp’s ethos of always going the distance for the customer is a by-product of our philosophy based upon an often repeated quote


from one of America’s most recognized beer companies, “Always remember, the brewery is in the business of making friends.”


Our bench as depth.

You don’t have to be an expert in all the various forms of content delivery to have a well functioning, profitable network.


Our team brings decades of telecommunications experience and support to work for our customers. In fact, our executive team easily has over 130 years broadcast experience.


We love to work with all types of content producers, and bring to the table our unique industry knowledge and expertise.


We’re all about providing choices.

We feature a complete range of specialized solutions for content delivery in the areas you’d expect — like receivers, uplink and downlink design and installation, hosted satellite channels, and internet distribution. But you may be surprised to know we offer a broader range of services like event programs, and affiliate and network administration, which includes first-tier tech support and even the 24/7 monitoring of transmitter sites.


Thanks for taking a second look at our story. You’ve probably figured it out, but — just in case — at LinkUp, it’s really all about the customer. We design, build and implement the content delivery solutions you demand, so you can rest easy.


Today and in the future, it’s our hope and desire that you see us as a powerful resource that ensures your company and its projects are always a success.


Sure, we’re on the team, but YOU are the star player in . It’s your vision that drives our company.