Meet the Ultimate Communications Life Hack: The Holkirk Flyaway


Ever seen something on the technological horizon and just KNEW you wanted to be a part of it? We did.

Two years ago we were introduced to rough-and-ready flyaway satellite units designed and manufactured by Holkirk, a Sematron Company out of Great Britain. As we watched the company’s rep assemble one of the lightweight, easily transportable flyaway units (in less than ten minutes, I might add) we envisioned so many applications for this amazing product.

But does marketing a ruggedized flyaway unit, originally designed as a satellite news gathering system for the BBC in Iraq, fit in our wheelhouse? Does it really make sense for a satellite company best known for designing, integrating and installing satellite uplink and downlink networks to offer a portable uplink as part of their list of solutions?

We believe so. That’s why – as a company – we’re leveraging our history of telecommunications experience and support to bring a complete rapid deploy solution to the forefront. We do not simply sell the unit. LinkUp brings to the sale the entire package: operations, training and support.

It’s obvious that a flyaway unit that is lightweight, portable and easy to assemble is perfect for remote sporting events, news gathering and weather coverage. In fact, the unit is so easy to operate that technical expertise in operating a uplink is not necessary; the reporter can handle both the assembly and operation.

But let’s take a moment to explore who in your community could benefit from utilizing this flyaway unit?


From hospitals and clinics to banking institutions, these organizations require connectivity. In many cases, lives depend upon it. It is common knowledge that terrestrial connectivity is extremely vulnerable during and after disasters. In critical times like these, essential businesses need their own communications solution.


First Responders: Law Enforcement, Fire and Rescue, Paramedics and EMT’s, The National Guard…these are the teams that are out front during any disaster, maintaining the safety and security of our communities as well as rescuing those who may be in harm’s way. When First Responders arrive to set up a command post, one of the first challenges they face is re-establishing connectivity. No one understands more than they that reliable communication often means the difference between life and death. An operational Holkirk remote terminal would be critical at any command post, keeping First Responders connected to the outside world.


Imagine how easily a portable uplink like the Holkirk could benefit organizations like American Red Cross, Salvation Army and Samaritan’s Purse. Not only would the Holkirk provide connectivity for the volunteers, but everyone impacted by the event. In spite of a fractured terrestrial infrastructure, picture how reassuring it would be to the entire community to have the ability to contact family and friends and let them know they are safe and sound.

If there is an organization or group that you believe would benefit from knowing more about the Holkirk, contact us. Let us bring a demo unit to your community and demonstrate how it works. LinkUp Communications is privileged to be a reseller/distributor of all Holkirk flyaway units, as well as the company’s US Service Center for support and repairs. LinkUp can analyze the needs of the organization and design the entire end-to-end solution.

Yep, we’re pretty sold on the flexibility of the rapid deploy Holkirk flyaway unit, and can’t wait to see how many innovative ways it will be utilized here in the US.