Make Your HD Video UNSTOPPABLE With this Awesome Technology Solution


We are not big fans of the Internet.

Oh, it has it’s place. Keeping up with friends on Facebook…checking the weather forecast…Googling videos of cute puppies and precocious kitties. You know, the really important stuff.

But for a high-def video transmission, we would never suggest that you entrust your message to the Internet. Live video feeds via the Internet may work at times but when it doesn’t, it’s a disaster. Vulnerable to bandwidth congestion, it that can dramatically slow down or even (horrors!) drop a live-streaming broadcast. Drop. And the broadcast is – was – live. Adios. Goodbye. Gone.

So you can understand why we don’t promote the use of Internet for your multi site transmission. Yet, here’s the rub: for one reason or another, there are groups who want – or need – to use the Internet for their live video transmission. So here’s our suggestion…

What if there was an Internet solution out there that gives you the price point and convenience that you’ve come to expect from the Cloud, yet has bandwidth technology that automatically adjusts and compensates for bandwidth congestion?

What if you can use this technology of encoders and decoders for the Internet AND, when you’re ready to upgrade, for satellite transmissions, as well?

Plus, the price tag for this solution is comparable to what you’d pay for a traditional terrestrial solution.

Awesome,right? And at Link Up, we’ve got it.

We call this affordable yet flexible system FIRST STEP. We’ve been searching for this exact technology of encoders and receivers for several years. Think of this as a “first step” for multi sites that – because they have less than a handful of downlink campuses – may not be ready for satellite, yet seek a dependable transmission solution.

Ateme CM5000

How does it work? The ATEME technology (that’s FIRST STEP) uses a bandwidth-aware adaptive bit rate, packet retransmission and forward error correction to improve transmissions.

Because the system monitors, manages and adjusts the stream automatically, you don’t lose the picture. Subtle compensation adjustments are made around the edge, so subtle that – unless pointed out – the viewer would likely not even notice.

When you’re ready to “go” satellite, your encoders and decoders go with you, easily adapting to the new method of transmission.

For the multi site church, we are confident that satellite is the best video broadcast solution available. Ask any of our current video ministries – let them share with you how cost-effective and reliable satellite can be.

But if the Internet is your preferred transmission method at this time, let us take some of the guesswork out of whether or not your live Internet feed will arrive intact, or at all. Why not make that FIRST STEP?