Looking for a company to manage your network? These four simple questions are key to your search


Until six months ago, the majority of our customers utilized the services of LinkUp Communications for two reasons — to purchase satellite space segment for their networks, and/or to install and maintain their company owned or operated satellite delivery system — uplink, downlinks, the entire lot.

Adding managed network services under the LinkUp umbrella was something we had considered for years, but what sealed the deal for us was the realization that — as the need for broadcasters to turn to a trusted resource for more assistance in running their network was growing — the list of facilities offering excess capacity for content delivery was actually shrinking.

The playing field was (and is) getting smaller, as many of the large networks who once sold their excess space capacity to third-party networks have restructured; narrowing their focus to concentrate on their own programming.

Which is exactly why we’re now “officially” in the business of managing network services, with a staff of dedicated professionals at our full-service network operations center (NOC) in the Englewood “Tech Corridor” just outside of Denver, Colorado.

We see the need in the future of broadcasting for more managed care — not less. The field of players may be narrowing, but customers still need a service they can count on, Everyone wants to partner with a company with excellent credentials, operated by people they know they can trust.

So if you’re thinking about utilizing the services of a NOC, here’s a checklist of questions you may want to ask to any potential company offering network services. These questions will help narrow the field, and provide the answers that give you confidence in your decision.

1) “What can you tell me about support? Are you staffed 24/7?” Trust me, you’ll be paying for it. But are they actually providing continuous monitoring?

2) “How familiar are your operators with radio networks? Can I speak with one of them?” If the operators aren’t familiar with broadcast terminology, you know there’s going to be trouble.

3) “Do you have a contingency plan at your site in case of an emergency? And, if so, what is it?” If the answers do not contain the words “redundant power”, “batteries”, and “generator”, move on.

4) “Can I visit your NOC?” Seeing is believing. The operation of your network is on the line. You need to ensure the description of services they offer is in line with the facility.

Nothing is perfect. All technology can experience interruption some point. It’s not a question of “if” but “when”; all networks — and the equipment they use — will have issues. Having the right partner can ensure these issues are kept to an absolute minimum.

It all boils down to this: How quickly will the operations center you’re considering for the delivery of your content respond?  How knowledgable are they about your technology? And how much experience do they have troubleshooting your equipment?

None of these concerns are an issue at the LinkUp NOC, where you’ll find state-of-the-art systems, backup equipment (including a 750 kVA generator, multiple UPS systems, and diverse telecom services), and an experienced team of broadcast professionals — many of whom have been on the job for a decade or more.

We’d love to show you our facility; give you a tour of the NOC, the dish farm, the backup equipment, and answer any questions you might have pertaining to our solutions for the care and delivery of your content.

Call the LinkUp Team to schedule the next step.