Five Fascinating Facts About LinkUp Communications

Five Fascinating Facts About LinkUp Communications

We consider ourselves a pretty interesting read at LinkUp Communications. We think our story contains all the fundamentals of a good book. It has great dialogue, a pace that flows, and it’s certainly full of characters! But it’s really our plot is what pulls people in. Our story is all about a technology company that attracts clients looking for:

  • Someone to walk them through the process of developing an audio or video delivery platform
  • Someone who takes their list of parameters – like cost or ease-of-use – and finds the most ideal solution that fits their requirements
  • Someone with an extreme depth of knowledge and experience in content delivery to come alongside them, helping their company do what they do, only better.

To help you learn more about LinkUp Communications Corporation, we’re handing you the Cliffs Notes. Check out some not-so-common information about your favorite audio and video content delivery providers.

Once upon a time…
Our story beings nearly 20 years ago, with a group of broadcasters who found out they must heavily invest in new equipment or they would lose their content distribution platform. Financially, new equipment was out of the question. They were between a rock and a hard place, and the folks who were their content providers knew it.

Our background in audio and video content distribution gave us the contacts we needed to help these non-profit broadcasters. We were able to find satellite space segment for them at a rate they could afford, while providing them with support as these young radio networks expanded. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Unreasonable service? It’s kind of a big deal – at least to us
Call it our edict, our ethos…LinkUp’s culture of unreasonable service – extravagant, beyond normal limits – makes us who we are. In fact, we’d like to think it sets us apart from all the rest.

It’s apparent in everything we do; from providing customer service 24/7/365 to standing behind our work, our products and our services.

We are confident in our abilities. And our confidence in our commitment to the customer comes from the hours – the years – that our team has put into learning our trade

Why are we so committed to the concept of unreasonable service? Because, like you, we’ve been there. We know from personal experience what it’s like when commitment to the customer is lacking.

You don’t have time for incompetency or indifference. You don’t need the drama – or the downtime – of dealing with a company that doesn’t make your problems, theirs. Sometimes it’s even worth a little extra to have the best.

Our team is located in multiple zip codes
LinkUp Communications is a close-knit team of professionals that take our mission of providing innovative solutions and service very seriously. LinkUp’s main offices are located in sunny Panama City, Florida, where Mark, Karen and Clay take the lead on engineering, sales and marketing. Our Senior Sales Engineer is in North Carolina, while our install team hails from Lexington, Kentucky. Billing and Finance is out of Eastern Tennessee, while our OPS center is located in Montgomery, Alabama.

We’re big fans of giving our customers what they want
Some of you may think of us only as the guys who sell satellite space segment, while others know us by our technical expertise in antenna installations and service. But, first and foremost, we are content providers.

As experts in audio, video and data delivery, we understand a “one-size-fits-all” approach does not work, which is why we look for the most innovative delivery solutions. Whether the search leads us to satellite, Internet streaming, or a combination thereof, our professional recommendation is simply that; a recommendation. The ultimate decision on how best to move forward, we leave to our clients. Trust that the team at LinkUp has done our homework, and have found you the best delivery platform at the best possible rate.

Now, let’s talk satellite space
Many of our customers are networks that utilize satellite to deliver to their stations. Before building a relationship with LinkUp, their options were limited. Why? Because other satellite providers would purchase space segment that met their requirements, then would try to convince them that the space they have is the space you need.

At LinkUp, we do things differently. We find the perfect solution – and bird – that meets your needs. Currently we have space on Anik-F1R, SES 1, SES 2 and SES 3, Eutelsat 117, and Galaxy 3C, but – with our connections to a host of satellite companies – the choice is yours.

Thanks for taking a quick look at the LinkUp story. On second thought, we may be major players in our story, but the true heroes is this saga are always our customers. In spite of the challenges they must tackle to successfully deliver content, they make it happen. We’re simply a tool in their box of resources that ensures their projects are a success. Thanks for believing in us!