Comtech: The DMD20’s Last Hurrah

The day is getting closer…the day this mainstay of radio network operations is no more. According to the manufacturer of the DMD20, parts to repair the modems are scarce — so scarce, in fact, that modems are only being allowed to return to the factory for repair on a case by case basis.

In July 2018, Comtech announced they were no longer manufacturing the DMD20, but would continue to repair units until there were no further parts available.

Fast forward to this month, when one of our customers shared with us that he was told his repaired unit received the very last DMD20 motherboard.

Sure, it is disappointing — over the last 20 years or so, literally thousands of these units have been sold in the US alone. Yet, given the average life of a satellite component is 8 to 10 years, the fact that the broadcast community has been able to rely on the DMD20 for over a decade or more is phenomenal.

Yet, for reliability’s sake (and the sake of your network) we think it’s time to explore new options.

OPTION ONE: Upgrading To New Modems

There are couple of newer models of satellite modems that we have had success in using. As broadcast professionals, we keep our ear to the ground and take into account both our experiences with new equipment, but the experiences of our clients, as well. We’d be happy to share with you our findings, and point you in the right direction.

Nothing pleases us more than to assist our customers in maximizing their content delivery platforms.

OPTION TWO: Allowing LinkUp to Manage Your Network

Perhaps it’s time to streamline your operation, and allow us to take on some, or even all, of the technical challenges you face daily in operating your own network.

At LinkUp, we have an experienced team of knowledgeable tech operators who would love to assist you in distributing your network.

Our state-of-the-art systems, backup equipment, multiple UPS systems, and diverse telecom services give your network an edge. With LinkUp bringing it’s ‘A Game’, you are free to concentrate on your network content; not content delivery.

Let’s talk about your network, Together, let’s explore what’s best for you and your content delivery.