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About LinkUp Communications

Linkup Communications is the nation’s largest independent technology provider for content producers. Our team brings decades of telecommunications experience and support to work for our customers. LinkUp’s prime directive is to manage all aspects of our clients’ technical details, leaving programming companies empowered to create the very best in audio content.

LinkUp provides a complete range of specialized solutions for content delivery, including receivers, uplink and downlink design and installation, hosted satellite channels, internet distribution, and event affiliate and network administration.

As content delivery experts, we know our clients are looking for innovative solutions to their technology challenges. We love to work with all types of content producers, and bring to the table our unique industry knowledge and expertise. Our clients rest easy, trusting our team to be in the details.

Our Philosophy

"Always remember: the brewery is in the business of making friends."


Hard to imagine, but an abbreviation of an often repeated quote by the founder of one of America’s most recognized beer companies has been the inspiration for LinkUp President Mark Johnson’s approach to customer service for decades. “Bill was one of my mentors in the early 80’s, when I was a producer and engineer for Bud Sports / Seminole Sports Network.” Mark shared.

“Bill repeated Adolphus Busch’s creed often. It was under Bill’s tutelage that I not only learned excellence in broadcasting, but also about the importance of friendship in business. If you take the time to make friends first, you’ll have customers for life.”

By cultivating friendships, we are in continual partnership with our clients; a long-term, mutually-beneficial relationship that springs from each new relationship. We listen, advise, support, and encourage.

We have the honor of being our customers’ trusted friends as their networks grow, expand, and succeed.

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A positive relationship with your friends at LinkUp means YOU reap the benefits!

Our Mission

Through all of our products and services, we provide satellite services, managed services (including streaming), network and equipment monitoring, and other cost-effective content delivery solutions. Our core values make us who we are. We many expand and grow, but our beliefs will remain a constant. We will always:

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Put People

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Act with

What We Do

It all starts with a conversation.

We’ll talk about your network; where you want to go, and where you need to be. As you share your vision, we’ll explore what success looks like to you, your customers, and your network.

We’re broadcasters, too, so we get it.

Operating a network or producing syndicated content — isn’t easy. Keeping up with constant changes in technology is a challenge. Staffing can be an issue, as well. There are many costly, complicated decisions to be made, and they all fall to you.

With LinkUp as your partner, you don’t have to be an expert in all the various forms of content delivery to have a well functioning, profitable network. Together, we can make it happen.

Then, together, we’ll devise a winning strategy.

We’ll share with you our operational experience and knowledge of cutting-edge content delivery technology, providing you with an effective solution that brings your vision to fruition.

Who We Work With Looking for success? Then partner with us.

Our comprehensive list of available services invites
an array of clients, including radio and television broadcasters, group owners, institutions, syndicated programmers, and faith-based ministries.

LinkUp attracts content producers looking for a trusted partner. They appreciate our specialized knowledge, personalized service, and industry credibility.

We are passionate about the success of our clients, and seek solutions that result in more network flexibility, less downtime, and an overall confidence in their content platform.

LinkUp Communications…Your content, our solutions. Rest easy.

Get to Know Us.
You Can Trust Linkup to Deliver:

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    When it comes to content delivery, our roots run deep. You’re hard pressed at LinkUp to find a team member who DOESN’T have at least a decade of broadcast integration experience under their belt.

  • Group 760


    There’s depth on our bench…We KNOW and excel in all forms of content delivery. We embrace cutting edge content delivery technology to provide world class solutions that benefit our clients and partners.

  • Group 761


    No cookie cutter solutions with LinkUp. We can design and integrate a platform unique to your network’s needs.

  • Group 762


    Lean into our relationships with top equipment manufacturers in the industry.

  • Group 763


    With space segment on over 9 geo-orbital satellites,
    we’re here to deliver.

  • Group 764


    Trained technicians are always on standby to answer
    your questions.

  • Group 765


    We may not produce it, but we’re always there to help
    you troubleshoot.

  • Group 766


    The ultimate in convenience. Our teleport is located at the coveted 105th meridian, delivering customer content to both Atlantic, Pacific and CONUS satellites.

Team LinkUP

The LinkUp story begins with a team of broadcast specialists and a very simple idea: utilizing our deep industry knowledge and reputation to supply our customers with every resource necessary to produce the very best solution for content delivery.

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The People Behind the Logo

Our mission includes putting people first and pursing excellence. Our core values make us who we are.

We can’t do what we do without the trust of our clients.

Our mission includes putting people first and pursuing excellence. Our core values make us who we are.

We take pride in going the distance for our customers.

Meet the Team

What Our Customers say


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