ABC Audio Partners with LinkUp for Dedicated Broadcast Distribution

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September 6th was a fabulous day. It felt like Christmas, Easter, and my birthday, ALL rolled into one!

It was the day that a joint press release was released, announcing our multi-year agreement with ABC Audio to serve as their exclusive radio distribution partner!

Check out ABC Audio’s press release: click here

Of course, we were thrilled when ABC Audio approached us about distributing their unique content. I mean, WOW! It’s ABC Audio, for Pete’s sake! After exploring the network’s requirements, we felt confident that, working together, our team’s extensive broadcast experience would provide the perfect solution when handling the unique needs of ABC Audio.

Our timetable is a tight one — the end of December, to be specific. But our team has already begun the process of switching the network to our fully supported XDS platform.

Here are a few other points we’re sharing with ABC affiliates:

  • Communication with affiliates will be coordinated by ABC with details regarding timing to be forthcoming.
  • ABC’s new distribution is on the same satellite and polarity as their old provider.
  • No worries — ABC’s existing satellite receivers are 100% compatible with LinkUp’s XDS system.
  • There is a forum for affiliate questions on the calendar. An affiliate-only town hall meeting tentatively scheduled for September 26th. Affiliates can request an invitation via the ABC affiliate portal.

Final thought: we could not have entered this partnership without the constant and diligent work of the entire team here at LinkUp. It’s the dedication and professionalism of THIS amazing team that made this partnership happen.

It’s going to be a busy fall!