It’s time to act.

The FCC’s C-band spectrum transition is radically changing the landscape of the 3.7 to 4.2GHz frequency. By December, 2023, every registered C-band antenna must comply with the FCC’s mandated spectrum re-allocation.

To protect your programming, a detailed, fully documented, and professional migration - including a 5G filter - is imperative for each and every downlink operator. If your downlink is not modified correctly, the potential interference from 5G will greatly impede your ability to receive critical broadcast content that makes your station profitable.

the truth

The truth is, the process of preparing your C-band downlink for 5G is more than buying and installing a filter.

It’s about an accurate installation, aligning the downlinks with a minimum of cross polarization, and before and
after documentation.

No worries; you can count on us.

Keeping up with the daily responsibilities of your network is already a challenge. Why take on another project, when the team at LinkUp is more than prepared to assist your stations or network with the C-band migration.

We’ve made it our business to dig deep with both the FCC and the satellite owners, to understand each and every potential issue that may affect broadcasters just like you.

Handling the assignments

With literally hundreds of filter installs from coast to coast, our team has the experience — and the skill — to handle the assignment.

Step by step, we offer radio and tv stations and networks the exact same comprehensive installation as satellite owners SES and Intelsat are demanding for their assigned sites.
You’ll rest easy, knowing that the job is done; and done right.

Each LinkUp C-band repack installation includes:

  • Group 768 (1)


    SES/Intelsat approved and directed 5G filter installation per industry training.

  • Group 767


    All supplies for labor, including weatherproofing, connectors, cables, bolt kit, and waveguide gaskets.

  • Group 774


    Peak and polarization for best performance.

  • Group 769


    Essential site documentation, including before-and-after details (spectrum analyzer readings, DVB GUI, physical install, connectors, weatherproofing, and grounding.).

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