2020 in review: our top three most successful blog entries of the year

2020 In Review

COVID-19, civil unrest, and a contentious national election for the history books has left me feeling less than nostalgic about the year 2020.

Well, duh.


If you’re like me, you can’t wait to see 2020 from your rear-view mirror. On New Year’s Eve I’ll be firmly ushering 2020 out the door with a boot to the back side.

Of course, 2020 has not been a complete disaster. Frankly, there have been some really terrific things that have topped my happy list this year.

Things like:

  • Drive-in movies; they are back – and in a big way. When indoor theaters across the country were forced to close due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, cinephiles embraced outdoor theaters in a big way.
  • US astronauts return to space. Really – what could be more exciting? For the first time in nearly a decade SpaceX launched two of NASA’s finest into the earth’s orbit – on the very same launch pad used to send the Apollo astronauts into orbit a half-century ago.
  • And in 2020, three – count them, THREE! – historic peace agreements have been brokered by the US between Israel and her neighbors in the Middle East. (A fourth was brokered between Israel and Morocco last week.)

Looking at the analytics for the LinkUp website – in particular, the blog entries – is something else I like to do at the end of each year. Discovering what entries resonate with our customers and website visitors really helps me get a glimpse into your thoughts, and understand what issues you may want to know more about.

So, in case you missed them, let me share the top three blog entries for 2020, based on the number of viewers to each page:

Holding the third spot in our top blog entries for the year is: Snow, Ice And Your Antenna: Essential Advice On Keeping Your Signal from Going Into Deep Freeze.

Initially, the popularity of this entry was a surprise. But the more I thought about it, the more it fits as one of the more popular write-ups for the year.

If you experience tough winter weather in your neck of the woods, then of course you’re curious about what actually helps in the battle with accumulating snow and ice. You also learn that a broom CAN be your best friend.

Number two: The C-band Transition: Here’s One Big Mistake You Won’t Want To Make

I wasn’t surprised at all that this blog entry was one of our top three. We had countless conversations with industry leaders, influencers, clients and techs from coast to coast about the C-band transition. The topic of discussion? What would be the pros and cons of registered C-band downlink owners choosing the lump sum option and being responsible for the installation of the 5G filter at your downlinks.

We still believe that, for many, choosing the lump sum option instead of letting the satellite owners may not have been the right choice. Why? Because there’s a little more to protecting your antenna from 5G mitigation than just slapping a new filter on your downlink. But, no matter what decision you made, we’re here to help.

And the number one blog entry – the one that keeps performing month after month – is, hands-down: The Truth About 5G Filters, And Why You Should Hold On To Your Wallet.

Written last May, there are a few points in this write-up that can and will be updated for 2021. For one thing, the filters designed to mitigate 5G are currently on the market and available.
But we’re still reassuring those with downlinks not located in the top 46 markets that – while they should keep the scheduling of their 5G filters on their to-do list, they can put it on the back burner for a year or so.

So there you have it; the best of our blog entries for 2020. We’ll keep them coming in 2021, but until then please feel free to suggest to us any tech topics you may find helpful – not only to you but to other folks who are responsible for the delivery of content.

We’d love to have your input!