2015 Roundup – Our BEST Blog Posts of the Year!

The month of December always sneaks up on me.

I’m not sure how, since it always follows November, but I never seem to pull it all together…complete everything on my “to do” list and simply enjoy this wonderful time of year.

Maybe it’s because December is a month of contrasts; a month of excess and merriment in what seems to be direct opposition with contemplation and reflection. Speaking of reflection – indulge me as I contemplate the effectiveness of this blog. I post each and every entry with all the angst of a new parent: Is this blog topic relevant? Do the graphics enhance the content? Does anyone even READ the content?

Numbers indicate that some of y’all actually DO read my posts, which is such a relief! Thank you! After a quick analysis of these entries’ click rates, let me share – again – three of Link Up Communications most enjoyed blog posts of 2015.

Our third most read blog entry of 2015 is A Short List of What to See at NAB 2015. Published in the weeks preceding the annual Las Vegas show, the post featured our Technology Must-Sees for our broadcast customers and our video content clients. The research for this blog entry was great groundwork for my own list of must-sees on the show floor.

Number Two: We’ll NEVER Recommend Pre-recording Messages at your Multi Site Church. And Here’s Why. This post focuses on one of the most awesome aspects of using satellite to link multi site campuses: a live broadcast. Pastors aren’t relegated to pre-recorded services to ensure that their remote sites receive a quality transmission.

Our most-read blog entry? Three Smart Points to Consider When Choosing C-Band, Over the summer we tackled the age-old question: which might best meet your network broadcast needs, C-band satellite or Ku? We tried to put to rest common misconceptions, and gave specific reasons why someone would choose to operate their network in the C-band frequency range.

One more thing – as the holiday season marches forward – the tree goes up, the lights are strung and I stand in yet another queue at UPS – let me take a moment to reflect on YOU, our customer.

Thank you for allowing us the privilege of serving you. We are excited to be entering our 16th year as a company, and humbly acknowledge that we would not BE in business without those who trust us to design, build and maintain their secure audio and video satellite transmissions. We understand that we have been entrusted with the distribution of your message, and don’t take this honor for granted.

So, again, THANK YOU. And yes…your chocolate should soon be arriving in the mail. <smile>